3rd New Jersey Regiment
~ Jersey Greys ~

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(Updated 12/22/17)

The Year of Our Lord, 2017

• January 7th-8th: Battle of Princeton Real Time Tour [Old Barracks/Princeton, NJ] (Peale's & Moulder's; march optional)

• February 19th: Washington's Birthday & Winter Drill [DeWint House, Tappan, NY] (Greys & Followers)

• March 11th: 3rd New Jersey Regiment Annual Meeting [Liberty Hall, Union, NJ] (Greys & Followers)

• March 25th: Battle of Princeton Aftermath [Princeton, NJ] (Civilian)

• March 25th-26th: School of the Soldier [Location TBD] [CL] (Greys)

April 22nd-23rd: Jockey Hollow Spring Encampment [Morristown, NJ] (Greys & Followers)

• April 29th: New York Historical Society [New York, NY] (Greys)

• May 29th: Earthworks at Fort Ticonderoga [Fort Ticonderoga, NY] (New England Militia)

June 23rd-25th: Battle of Short Hills [Oak Ridge Park, NJ] (Greys & Followers)

• July 4th: Earthworks at Fort Ticonderoga [Fort Ticonderoga, NY] (New England Militia)

• July 4th: New York Historical Society [New York, NY] (Greys)

• August 6th: Dobbs Ferry Parade [Dobbs Ferry, NY] (Steven's Artificers)

• September 9th-10th: Brown's Raid [Fort Ticonderoga, NY] (New England Militia)

September 16th-17th: Battle of Brandywine [West Chester, PA] (Blues & Followers)

• October 7th & 8th: East Jersey Old Town Village [Piscataway, NJ] (Greys & Followers)

• November 18th-19th: Fort Lee Retreat to Victory [Fort Lee, NJ] [BAR] (Greys)

• December 9th: Noble Train of Artillery [Fort Ticonderoga, NY] (New England Militia)

• December 10th: Crossing The Delaware River Rehearsal [Washington's Crossing, PA] (Greys)

• December 23rd: Battle of Trenton [Old Barracks/Trenton, NJ] (Greys)

• December 24th: Battle of Princeton [Princeton, NJ] (Greys)

• December 25th: Crossing The Delaware River [Washington's Crossing, PA] (Greys)