3rd New Jersey Regiment
~ Jersey Greys ~

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* Event Schedule subject to change *

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(Updated 1/23/18)

The Year of Our Lord, 2018

January 13th: Prep for the Coming Campaign [Fort Ticonderoga, NY] (Greys or Civilian) CANCELLED

• March 10th: 3rd New Jersey Blues Regiment Annual Meeting [Liberty Hall, Union, NJ] (Kit Optional)

March 24th-25th: Hancock House Massacre [Salem, NJ] (Salem County Militia 1778 or Civilian)

• April 14th-15th: Claude Moore Farm [McLean, VA] (Civilian)

• April 21st-22nd: Jockey Hollow Spring Encampment [Morristown, NJ] (Greys or Civilian)

• May 5th: No Quarter 1775 [Fort Ticonderoga, NY] (Green Mountain Boys or Civilian)

• May 12th: 55th Anniversary of 3rd NJ Recreated [Old '76 House, Tappan, NY] (Greys or Civilian)

• May TBD: Eastfield Village [East Nassau, NY] (Greys or Civilian)

June 16th-18th: Battle of Monmouth 240th Anniversary [Monmouth, NJ] (Blues or Hunting Shirts)

• July 21st-22nd: Defiance & Independence [Fort Ticonderoga, NY] (Hunting Shirts)

• August 18th-19th: Sullivan Campaign [Fort Niagara, NY] (Blues)

• August TBD: Jersey Brigade Drill [TBD, NJ] (Greys or Civilian)

September 15th-16th: Mount Harmon [Earleville, MD] (Greys or Civilian)

• October 13th-14th: Occupy Philadelphia [MOAR, Philadelphia, PA] (Civilian)

• October 20th-22nd: BAR Meeting [Liberty Hall, Union, NJ] (Greys or Civilian)

• October-November TBD: Unit Dinner [TBD, NJ] (Greys or Civilian)

November 3rd-5th: Monmouth Immersion [Monmouth, NJ] (Civilian)

• November 17th-18th: Retreat To Fort Lee & New Bridge Landing [Fort Lee, NJ] (Civilian)

• December 15th: Riot! Yankees vs Buckskins! [Fort Ticonderoga, NY] (Greys or Civilian)

• December TBD: Battle of Trenton [Old Barracks/Trenton, NJ] (Brown/Red or Civilian)

• December TBD: Battle of Princeton [Princeton, NJ] (Brown/Red or Civilian)