3rd New Jersey Regiment
~ Jersey Greys ~

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February 19th, 1776

Welcome to The Blue Anchor Tavern! Think you have what it takes to be a Continental soldier and serve under General Washington? Join the Jersey Greys! Please make your mark on roll and receive your bounty! Fresh stockings, thick wool! Enlistment’s of 1 year or the war!

The 3rd New Jersey Regiment, Captain Bloomfield’s Company is always looking for men and women to join our living history organization. We strive to be the most authentic regiment in the hobby and have some simple standards to keep this accuracy level high. Facial hair must be kept at 3 days growth or less in accordance with Continental army regulation. Men at arms should be in good enough physical shape to be able to simulate woodland warfare. This includes drilling, running from tree to tree, crouching, and lying prone. Other activities of the Jersey Greys include digging field kitchens, woodcutting, fortification building, wooden hut building, issuing of rations, cooking for a mess of 6 soldiers, and preforming guard duties.

Do you have a passion for living history and want to explore an accurate representation of the life of a continental soldier? Enlist in Captain Joseph Bloomfield’s Company today!

What are some perks of joining? Camaraderie with likeminded history lovers! Authentic 18th century campaigning! An “over the no admittance rope” view of many historic sites! Rare activities open only to private invitation such as 18th century woodworking sessions, hut building sessions, and Bateaux trips!

New to the hobby? No worry, our recruiter will happily and promptly answer any questions you may have and get you started!

We may have loaner muskets available as well as clothing stocked for loan or purchase!

If you have any questions at all, or are ready to join, please EMAIL RECRUITER or COMMANDER HERE